Tips To Ensure That Your Event Is Unforgettable

These tips were created to provide helpful information to parents, kids, and participants in an effort to ensure that your Bounce Party is extraordinary. While we certainly hope that you will use our rental services, these tips can be helpful for whatever service you use.



  • DO - Ensure that the rental service has an 'On Time' delivery guarantee. There's nothing worse than ten 6 year olds waiting around for a bounce house to be delivered. for information on the 'On Time' guarantee.
  • DO - Ensure that the rental is in same condition as when it was delivered. It must be clean and DRY
  • DO - Ensure that the rental service guarantees that they will bring you the inflatable you ordered. Having a Princess cake to go along with a Princess bounce house could be devastating if the bouncy that shows up is Superman.
  • DO - Ensure that the rental service is insured. Your standard home owners insurance should cover any accidents to children while in the bounce house (call your insurance provider if you are not sure of your coverage in this area). However, you should check that the bounce rental service has insurance against damage to the inflatable itself. If you are having your party at a public park, you will also need to check with park and find out whether or not you need insurance. If so, check that the bounce rental service can add that park as an 'insured' party for the event.
  • DO - Ensure that the rental service is professional and provides friendly customer service. Bounce houses are often picked up late evening and at night in your backyard. Unidentified people walking around your house in the evening can be frightening.  about our 'Professional' guarantee.
  • DO - Make sure that you thoroughly read all contract or rental agreements before signing. There are often rules and additional fee information described in the contract that is very important.
  • DO - Ensure that you measure the area where the bounce house will be set up before you reserve it. And don't forget to measure the height also. Most yards have low hanging tree limbs that could get in the way and damage the inflatable.
  • DO - Double check that all pet excrement has been removed from the path and the area where the bouncy will be located. Additional fees may be applied for this extra cleaning service.
  • DO - Ensure that your gate is wide enough if your party is in the back yard. Some units weigh well over 600 pounds and lifting them over a fence is out of the question.
  • DON'T - Allow children to spray SILLY STRING on or near the inflatable. SILLY STRING causes permanent damage to the material in which inflatables are manufactured. Failure to comply will result in significant charges to be paid by the renter.
  • DON'T - Allow children in any bounce house, slide, combo, or obstacle course with shoes or any other type of footwear.
  • DON'T - Allow children in any inflatable with sharp objects on their clothes or in their pockets. Items like pens or belt buckles can cause puncture holes to the inflatable.
  • DON'T - Allow children in any inflatable with drinks, candy, gum or lollipops. They could easily choke or poke one another in the eye while jumping and playing.
  • DON'T - Allow children with markers, crayons, or silly string in any inflatable. The chemicals in these items, most specifically silly string, can cause PERMANENT damage to the bounce house and could cause significant additional charges to be applied.
  • DON'T - Allow pets in the inflatable. Their nails can permanently damage the bounce material..
  • DON'T - Put water on a 'DRY' inflatable. This could cause extreme damage to the bounce and cause additional fees to be applied.
  • DON'T - Leave children unattended in any inflatable.
  • DON'T - Choose an area for a bounce house that is more than 100 feet away from adequate power. Electricity degrades over distance, so to ensure proper inflation, it is critical to remain reasonably close to a power source. If your party is at a park, be sure to ensure that power is available.

We hope these tips have proven helpful. Please feel free to LINK TO OUR CONTACT PAGE


**Please Note: There will be a $50 cancellation fee for cancellations within 7 days of delivery.